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Knightley’s piece-y chop — this was before J Lawr’s time (yes, there was a time before J Lawr) — and plonked myself down Moncler in a chair. It was on a complete whim. My boyfriend didn’t even get any warning.Luckily, it worked out. I loved my pixie cut from the Moncler Outlet Onlinemoment I walked out of the salon, and, five years later, still love it. There seems to be a common misconception that short hair gets boring because there’s not much you can do with it. I beg to differ. I’ve experimented a lot more with my short hair than I ever did when it was waist length. (I basically wore a ponytail for 10 years straight.)The other common worry I hear from women when we’re discussing short hair is, “Oh, I could never pull it off.”

They tell me their face shape is wrong or their nose is too big or they’d need to lose some weight first. News flash: Everyone can “pull off” short hair. All it takes is a little bit of confidence and some experimenting to find the right short hairstyle for you. In fact, you’d be surprised to discover how much you like your own face when you let it have the spotlight.For me, one of the most unexpected aspects of going short was the effect it had on my overall appearance. For the first time ever, I felt motivated to figure out my style. I went through a whirlwind of looks, from frilly dresses to an ill-advised blue Muppet coat from Zara. Not everything I tried worked, but my statement-making hairstyle gave me the confidence to try statement-making clothes. I also started to experiment more with Moncler Jackets Outlet makeup. Now, sensual perfumes and bright lipsticks express my femininity for me on days when I can’t be bothered to change out of boyfriend jeans or run a brush through my bedhead.Speaking of bedhead, I will now impart one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from having a pixie cut: Learn to embrace messy hair.



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