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from the typical throng

While Hilfiger stuck to the all-American sportswear he does best, there was a more architectural feel to his collection this season, with swooping collars, and carefully pleated, knotted, and rounded separates. One look in particular, a tailored red coat with a small bow detail on the waist, felt very Som-esque.

The project was undertaken to benefit people in need in the UK and in third world countries around the world. If you’re looking to support the cause, the t-shirts just launched nationwide at Sainsburys and TK Maxx for £9.99 (at least £5 goes to Sport Relief).

Those werent the only stars who transformed their hair this year. Rihanna traded in her then-iconic crest of blond hair for long, fire-engine red locks, joining the ranks of stars like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry who dared to rock neon hair this year.

Buzz began months ago when Bergdorf Goodman revealed their "A Compendium of Curiosities"-themed holiday windows, inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland. Then there was the show at the MoMA, one-off couture pieces designed by Alexander McQueen, Alice in Wonderland-themed limited edition OPI and Urban Decay collections, and Stella McCartneys limited edition necklace and bracelet.

Browne stands apart from the typical throng of designers in a variety of ways. You wont find a degree from Central Saint Martins or The New School on his office shelf. Youll never see him sewing, draping or constructing a garment himself — he doesnt know how. Never formally taught, Browne began his career with an economics degree from Notre Dame and then moved to Los Angeles to be an actor. When he decided to move on from there, he sold his car to fund a move out east.



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