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We will continue to nba18mt

Choice Awards ceremony, hosted by Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, is held immediately following the Independent Games Festival Awards. For the third year running, those not attending GDC can watch both sets of awards show live online via GameSpot, the official streaming media partner to the NBA 2K18 MT award ceremonies. For more information about the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, check out the official website, and for information about the 2012 Game Developers Conference, please visit the show's official website.

Gamasutra rounds up recent reports on the Japanese games industry from local news site Andriasang, a leading destination for English-language news on Japan's game industry.]In our latest round-up of Japanese game industry news not previously reported on Gamasutra, we look at the reveal of Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Metal Gear Rising's director, user milestones for Final Fantasy and One Piece's social games, and the upcoming closure for Japan's oldest game magazine.Game over

Japan's oldest game magazineGemaga (short for "game magazine"), the longest running magazine devoted to games in Japan, will release its last issue in March. The publication got its start covering various platforms as Beep in 1984, than became Beep! Mega Drive, Sega Saturn Magazine, Dreamcast Magazine, Dorimaga, and finally Gemaga in 2006.The monthly magazine catered to "core" gamers, and often included foldout posters and bonus items. When Gamasutra profiled Gemaga in its State of Game Magazines In Japan article three years ago, contributor Kevin Gifford said the magic that the magazine captured in its earlier years was "largely gone."Hudson Bee may liveThough Konami will absorb Hudson Soft, which it acquired last year, on March 1, the subsidiary may continue to live on in

form. In a message about the imminent merger posted on its website, Hudson said, "We will continue to nba18mt work to deliver new entertainment to our fans, now as a member of Konami Group."Hudson, which is best known in the west for producing titles like the Bomberman, Adventure Island, and Bonk series, also said in its brief online notice that its brand product and services will continue to be developed. The company did not specify in what form those products



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